Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to pay for creating a portfolio on your site?
Portfolio creation is absolutely free. A visitor can register on MyFollo.com and create his real estate portfolio. Alternatively he can also check in as a guest user and see his asset performance. The information however is lost once after the session in closed.
2. What are the advantages of creating a portfolio on MyFollo.com ?
3. How do I get updates on my assets?
4. What is CA & RY score?
5. Will be able to buy & sell proprties on myfollo.com?
6. What is a Relationship Manager?
7. What kind of assets can be listed on Myfollo.com?
8. Can I make a purchase of an assets through myfollo.com?
9. How do I search properties on MyFollo.com?
10. How accurate is the pricing information on MyFollo.com ?
11. I have properties in multiple cities. Can I request all for PMS?
12. I stay abroad and can't come to check for updates on my Property?